4. December 2019 Extemp Topics

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December 2019



1. Will there be any negative repercussions for Donald Trump from the conviction of Roger Stone?

2. Will the impeachment process help or hurt President Trump’s reelection efforts?

3. Can negative tweets by President Trump toward impeachment witnesses justify the charge of witness intimidation?

4. Should judges be removed from their posts if they engage in unprofessional or immoral activity when off duty?

5. Should the anonymity of government whistleblowers be unconditionally protected?

6. Will Boeing’s Starliner or SpaceX’s Crew Dragon prove to be the more reliable transport for NASA’s future astronauts?

7. Should non-citizens who serve in the U.S. military be guaranteed permanent resident status after the completion of their service?

8. Can a Billionaire win the Democratic presidential primary?

9. Will President Trump comply with releasing his tax returns if the Supreme Court refuses to hear his appeal?

10. Can Motorola’s Razor make inroads into the mobile phone market?

11. Should a family be able to sue clergy over sermons or eulogies they do not like?

12. Does Gannett have too much of a share of the U.S. print media market?

13. Can Pete Buttigieg overcome his liabilities with African American voters to be successful in early Democratic caucuses and primaries?


1. What steps can be taken to further restrict the access of minors to lethal weapons?

2. How will the impeachment proceedings facing President Trump impact the Democratic presidential primary race?

3. What would Elizabeth Warren need to do to implement expanded healthcare coverage in her first 100 days as President?

4. How will the Trump administration’s requirement that hospitals list the prices for care that they negotiate with insurance companies help consumers?

5. How will the entry of Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg impact the Democratic presidential primary?

6. What is the significance of Democratic victories in Kentucky and Virginia?

7. How will the publication of “A Warning” by an anonymous Trump administration official impact the public’s attitude toward impeachment?

8. What steps can the federal government take to alleviate the significant student loan debt held by Americans?

9. How will Ohio’s law, making it illegal for teachers to penalize students whose incorrect answers are based in religious beliefs, impact students’ education?

10. What steps can government take to lessen the number of deaths that occur during childbirth in America?

11. How can political parties improve their presidential primary debate processes?

12. How will the launch of Disney+ impact the US streaming video market?



1. Are universities becoming a battle front in the struggle between Hong Kong protestors and police?

2. Will Germany’s new environmental laws bring it in line with its Paris Agreement obligations?

3. Can Ukraine get a good deal with Russia in proposed peace talks?

4. Can Hamas restrain militants and maintain a cease fire with Israel in Gaza?

5. Will Alberto Fernández’s election to Argentina’s presidency revive the Peronist party?

6. Can renewed talks between the Taliban, United States, and Afghan government reach a peace agreement?

7. Can China humanely tackle its homelessness problem?

8. Is Iran getting closer to having nuclear weapons?

9. Is the Islamic State dead or gaining new life?

10. Will Saad Hariri’s resignation bring stability to Lebanon’s government?

11. Has Emmanuel Macron weakened NATO?

12. Is Turkey recovering from world criticism of its actions in Syria?

13. 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, is Germany truly a united nation?


1. What will it take to improve ties between Japan and South Korea?

2. What must Chile include in a new constitution to satisfy protestors there?

3. How will Evo Morales’ departure as President of Bolivia impact the nation’s politics?

4. What must Justin Trudeau do to effectively lead his new minority government?

5. What steps should Western nations take to encourage the development of democracy in Cambodia?

6. What must China do to deepen economic ties with Taiwan?

7. What must be done to encourage regional integration among former Soviet Central Asian nations?

8. What steps must be taken to protect ocean coral?

9. What must Libyan factions do to bring unity to the country?

10. What steps must the global community take to secure African mines from extremist groups?

11. How will Britain’s parliamentary elections impact the outcome of the Brexit debate?

12. How has Brexit changed politics in Northern Ireland?