4. January 2018 Extemp Topics

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January 2018




  1. Are the recently-passed federal income tax cuts good for the American economy?

  2. Will the elimination of the individual health care insurance mandate gut Obamacare?

  3. Are political pundits exaggerating the national significance of Doug Jones’ Senate victory in Alabama?

  4. Was Senator Al Franken’s resignation premature?

  5. Can citizen efforts to force Congress to pursue impeachment of the President succeed?

  6. Will the #MeToo movement result in enduring changes in male behavior?

  7. Should businesses and government wait until an employee is convicted of sexual impropriety before firing the accused?

  8. Will President Trump fire Robert Mueller?

  9. Should the federal government expand access to Pell Grants for prisoners wanting to pursue an education from behind bars?

  10. Is our failure to invest in infrastructure the root cause of the recent AMTRAK derailment?

  11. Is the federal government responsible for the high post-hurricane death rate in Puerto Rico?

  12. Is reported spending by the Pentagon on UFO research warranted?

  13. Was the federal government’s decision to lift restrictions on manufacturing lethal viruses in a laboratory setting wrong?



  1. How will the GOP tax cuts impact the unemployment rate in the United States?

  2. What must Doug Jones do if he wishes to hold on to his Alabama Senate seat beyond one term?

  3. What steps must congressional leaders take to protect congressional employees from sexual harassment and assault at work?

  4. How can President Trump best protect himself against the consequences of the Russia investigation?

  5. What steps must the GOP take to convince a skeptical public of the wisdom behind their tax bill?

  6. How can the Democratic Party capitalize on the voting power of African American voters to improve Democratic electoral prospects?

  7. With devastating wild fires an annual problem in California, is the government doing enough to protect against the threat?

  8. In the wake of the FCC’s decision on net neutrality, what steps can industry take to reassure the public of continued access to the resources of the Internet?

  9. What can the federal government do to protect the public from the more dangerous aspects of the cryptocurrency market?

  10. As Congress works to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, what steps can congressional leaders take to ensure continued consumer protections for students?

  11. What is the appropriate role of the federal government in protecting consumers from identity theft?

  12. What is the appropriate role for government in regulating ride share services, such as Über?





  1. Is it time to end the veto power of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council?

  2. Should Palestinians pursue a “One State Solution”?

  3. Who is the best arbiter to bring about a negotiated solution to Yemen’s civil war?

  4. Who is ultimately responsible for the resignation of Lebanon’s Prime Minister?

  5. Was the cost of liberating Iraq from ISIS too great?

  6. Should the world community call the killings of Myanmar’s Rohingya population a “genocide”?

  7. Should France continue to take-in refugees from Libya?

  8. Should Honduras call new elections?

  9. Should Cambodia’s government face penalties for its suppression of political opposition?

  10. Is China succeeding in its efforts to shrink India’s sphere of influence in South Asia?

  11. Is Pakistan’s civilian government once again becoming a pawn of the military?

  12. Can a successful opposition to Vladimir Putin be mounted in next year’s presidential election?

  13. Are Catalonian aspirations for independence successfully contained?



  1. What will be the impact of the European Union’s decision to classify Über as a taxi service rather than an online app?

  2. How will the Trump administration’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem impact the Israeli-Palestinian peace process?

  3. What will be the consequences of Poland’s judicial overhaul on its relationship with the European Union?
  4. How will the presence of the Winter Olympics in South Korea impact the tensions between the two Koreas?

  5. What long-term steps must the International Olympic Committee take to prevent a repeat of the Russian doping scandal?

  6. How will new sanctions against Russia impact the relationship between Russia and the United States?

  7. How will the new government of Zimbabwe differ from that led by Robert Mugabe?

  8. What steps can be taken to deescalate tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

  9. What are the most compelling arguments for the impeachment of Peru’s president?

  10. What conditions should North Korea meet before being invited to the negotiation table?

  11. What does the election of Sebastián Piñera as Chile’s president signal about the desires of the nation’s people?

  12. What will be the consequences of the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh for Yemen’s civil war?