6. March 2018 Extemp Topics

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March 2018



  1. Should the 19-year-old shooter in the Douglas High School shooting be subject to the death penalty, if convicted?
  2. Should a minimum age be set for the purchase of firearms?

  3. Should President Obama break tradition and begin criticizing his successor?

  4. Can Oprah Winfrey make a difference for Democrats campaigning in 2018?

  5. Can Congress protect Robert Mueller from being fired by President Trump?

  6. Will the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act pass Congress?

  7. Should the federal government waive all student loan debt?

  8. Will Elon Musk succeed in his plan to deliver Internet service from space?

  9. Is the U.S. economy in danger of overheating?

  10. Will Melania Trump’s significant expenses as First Lady become a scandal?

  11. Is the United States foreign policy establishment becoming more aggressive about the threat posed by Russia?

  12. Should prisoners have access to Pell Grants for higher education?

  13. Should President Trump be worried about allegations of an affair with Stormy Daniels?


  1. What steps are required to achieve a compromise in Congress on gun control legislation?

  2. What compromises will DACA supporters need to get a bill through Congress?

  3. What must the White House do to bring closure to the Rob Porter scandal?

  4. How will recent plea deals in the Mueller investigation impact the outcome?

  5. How will the launch of the Falcon Heavy change America’s space ambitions?

  6. In an age of streaming services, what must broadcast television do to seem relevant?

  7. What can the U.S. public health establishment do to better protect against the influenza threat?

  8. What can the Trump administration do to improve its White House communication strategy?

  9. What must President Trump do to secure funding for his infamous border wall?

  10. What must government do to improve access to mental health care in the United States?

  11. What can be done to combat the increased practice of “vaping” among teens?

  12. Who is most responsible for the damage caused by the Tide Pod Challenge?



  1. Should the United States ban Venezuelan oil?

  2. Can Cyril Ramaphosa restore confidence in South Africa’s government?

  3. Are Western nations trying to influence the outcome of Russia’s upcoming elections?

  4. Should the International Criminal Court bring charges against Rodrigo Duterte?

  5. Is China exerting too much influence on Sri Lanka?

  6. Should Benjamin Netanyahu resign?

  7. Can the U.S. advance a viable peace proposal for the Israelis and Palestinians?

  8. Can China become a world leader in the development of artificial intelligence?

  9. Is renewed war across the border between Israel and Gaza an inevitability?

  10. Are Middle East nations on the verge of a nuclear arms race?

  11. Will Germany’s new governing coalition have political staying power?

  12. Can El Salvador handle a major influx of former citizens expelled from the United States?

  13. Should Japan amend its monarchy’s succession laws?


  1. How will the resignation of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister change the government of the country?

  2. What steps can China’s government take to improve conditions for its Uyghur minority?

  3. What should be done with captured ISIS fighters being held in Syria?

  4. What can the Saudi-backed coalition do to halt the advance of Yemen’s Houthi rebels?

  5. What must Palestinian authorities do to improve the desperate situation in Gaza?

  6. What must the Philippines do to weaken its Islamist insurgency?

  7. How has the Winter Olympics changed the politics on the Korean Peninsula?

  8. What can the International Olympic Committee do to better protect against future doping scandals?

  9. What steps can India take to grow the size of its Middle Class?

  10. What must Japan do to bring balance to its aging population?

  11. What will be the consequences for Pakistan with the United States freezing of military aid to Pakistan?

  12. What can Iran’s government do to address grievances expressed in recent public protests?