7. 2017 April Extemp Topics

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April 2017




  1. Will the revelation that the FBI is investigating possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russians make it harder for the President to advance his agenda?

  2. Have Judge Gorsuch's statements in defense of judicial independence undermined the President's recent criticisms of the judiciary?

  3. Will Congress uphold the drastic cuts to domestic spending proposed in the President's budget?

  4. Does the United States federal government have the capacity to bail out Puerto Rico from its present debt crisis?

  5. Has the media over-exaggerated the significance of the President's weekend trips to Florida?

  6. Is the decision to give the military more autonomy in making deployment decisions wise?

  7. Is the proposed increase in military spending needed?

  8. Is Lindsey Graham's star rising in the Republican Party?

  9. Should the President's Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment and constitutionally remove the President from office?

  10. Is John Huntsman a wise choice for U.S. ambassador to Russia?

  11. Is the impact on women's health from the cut in federal funding to Planned Parenthood exaggerated?

  12. Should government officials who leak information to the press be prosecuted?

  13. With elections over, has America forgotten about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan?



  1. What can the news media do to encourage greater openness by the Trump administration?

  2. How much have recent revelations by Wikileaks undermined the CIA's intelligence gathering strategy?

  3. Now that she is getting an office in the West Wing, how will Ivanka Trump's influence on the Trump administration change?

  4. If successful, what will be the societal impact of President Trump's proposed defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts?

  5. On what issues can Democrats most likely find common ground with President Trump?

  6. What can Kellyanne Conway do to help restore her credibility in the public eye?

  7. How would a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement impact America's farmers?

  8. Where should NASA target its limited resources for the most benefit?

  9. Who benefits most from the proposed Republican health care law?

  10. What steps should be taken to improve security on America's airlines?

  11. With the President's proposed push to improve American infrastructure, where should the government place its primary investment?

  12. Who bears the greatest responsibility for the rising cost of college tuition in America?




  1. Can the United States and China come to agreement on how to best address the North Korean nuclear threat?

  2. Can Emmanuel Macron defeat Marine Le Pen in France's upcoming presidential elections?

  3. Is Rodrigo Duterte's violent war on drugs undermining the goal of economic reform in the Philippines?

  4. Should Germany build its own nuclear weapons?

  5. Is Russia displacing the United States as the influential global power in the Middle East?

  6. Should Balkan countries start their own common market?

  7. Can Latin American countries achieve better economic integration?

  8. Can Saudi Arabia bring an end to the civil war in neighboring Yemen?

  9. Is China over-reacting to the deployment of THAAD in South Korea?

  10. Is Sri Lanka failing to address the needs of its Tamil minority?

  11. Is Chinese foreign aid having a positive impact on the country's perception in the world?

  12. Should the world community impose sanctions on Russia's government for its apparent execution of opponents at home and abroad?
  13. Can Egypt eliminate the threat from militants in the Sinai Peninsula?


  1. How will the removal of South Korea's president impact that nation's economy?

  2. What steps must the British government take to increase the security of its people against future terrorist attacks?

  3. What will be the consequences of the end of Northern Ireland's Unionist majority government?

  4. How will Brexit impact the British economy

  5. What impact will the prosecution of Samsung's Chairman have on the company's health?

  6. What can Cuba do to revive its stagnant economy?

  7. What can the United States do to keep its allies in Syria from killing each other?

  8. What can South Sudan do to stop its economic meltdown?

  9. What can Thailand's government do to promote national reconciliation?

  10. What do the election results in Uttar Pradesh signal for the electoral future of the Indian BJP?

  11. What can the nations of the world do to prevent a new global nuclear arms race?

  12. What can the United Nations do to combat looming famine in Somalia?