8. May 2018 Extemp Topics

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May 2018



  1. Is Nikki Haley in danger of losing her position as United Nations ambassador?

  2. Has James Comey’s book helped or hurt his credibility with the American public?

  3. Was the raid on Michael Cohen’s home, office, and hotel an illegal overreach by prosecutors?

  4. Will the quickening pace of states and cities removing Confederate monuments increase or decrease racial tensions in these communities?

  5. Are school walkouts over gun violence having any demonstrable impact?

  6. Will former Speaker of the House, John Boehner’s, endorsement of the cause of marijuana legalization lead to wider Republican acceptance of the idea?

  7. Should extra-marital affairs by political leaders have electoral consequences?

  8. Should Scott Pruitt resign from his post at the EPA?

  9. Should undocumented immigrants married to US citizens be subject to deportation?

  10. Should Andrew McCabe be subject to federal prosecution?

  11. Should the United States curtail its export of military drones?

  12. Is the United States making progress in curbing the opioid epidemic?

  13. Is Amazon abusing its postal privileges, as President Trump suggests?


  1. What must the federal government do to bring reliable energy services to Puerto Rico?

  2. What can the federal government do to better predict near earth asteroid encounters?

  3. What must Starbucks do to rehabilitate its image in the wake of the unprovoked arrest of two African American customers?

  4. Why is President Trump reluctant to tighten sanctions against Russia?

  5. How are American farmers being impacted by the Trump administration’s trade policies?

  6. What can supporters of Robert Mueller’s investigation do to help ensure the Special Prosecutor keeps his job?

  7. With geologists predicting a long overdue earthquake for northern California, what steps should be taken to protect the public?

  8. What issues can Democrats seize-upon to best propel them to victory in the midterm elections?

  9. With discontent growing in the Republican Party, who is most likely to emerge as a consistent counterweight to President Trump?

  10. How will the mobilization of the Texas National Guard to stem illegal immigration impact the lives of the immigrant community?

  11. Which Republican-held state legislature do Democrats have the best chance of retaking in 2018 elections?

  12. How can Facebook rehabilitate its image with privacy-concerned consumers?




  1. Can a deal be successfully struck with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program?

  2. Will U.S. and allied missile strikes on Syria deter further chemical weapons attacks?

  3. Has the British Commonwealth lost its relevance?

  4. Can the world community influence Myanmar to right the wrongs it has committed against the Rohingya people?

  5. Are Emanuel Macron’s dreams for Europe falling apart?

  6. Can Turkey be trusted to hold a fair parliamentary election under its present state of emergency?

  7. Is China becoming more tolerant of its LGBT community?

  8. Is Kim Jong Un attempting to elevate his standing on the world stage?

  9. Does Russia pose a real military threat to Western European nations?

  10. Are weaponized Iranian drones a significant threat to their neighbors?

  11. Can Justin Trudeau resolve the oil pipeline dispute between Alberta and British Columbia?

  12. Will Argentina legalize abortion?


  1. What kind of changes can we expect from Cuba’s new leader?

  2. What issue most divides otherwise cordial leaders Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe?

  3. What will be the consequences of Israel’s airstrikes on Syria?

  4. What steps can African countries take to improve the safety of their donor blood supply?

  5. What is the significance of Xi Jinping’s decision to visit North Korea?

  6. How will Japan’s recent discovery of significant rare earth element deposits near one of its islands change the nation’s economy?

  7. Which of the world’s nations currently faces the worst humanitarian crisis?

  8. How is India’s new bankruptcy code shaping Indian business?

  9. What steps can Latin American nations take to stem the flow of Venezuelan refugees?

  10. How will the arrest of the former leader of the FARC on drug charges impact the peace in Colombia?

  11. How will China’s live-fire military exercises in the Taiwan Strait impact relations between China and Taiwan?

  12. How has Saudi Arabia’s public relations offensive impacted relations with the United States?

  13. What steps can Israel take to curtail the threat posed by Iran to Israeli security?