Baseball Rules Changes - 2015

By NFHS on November 21, 2014 baseball Print

1-5-1: Clarified the compliant type of surface for batting helmets and reaffirmed that batting helmets shall meet the NOCSAE standard.

2-16-1f, g: Clarified additional examples of a foul ball.

2-21-4, 5: Clarified the distinction between follow-through interference and backswing interference.

3-3-1f: Deleted the restriction of using video monitoring and replay equipment.

3-3-1 PEN: Deleted the accompanying penalty. 

5-1-1n: Clarified that backswing interference is an immediate dead ball.

7-3-5c: Clarified the rules for follow-through interference by the batter.

7-3-7: Clarified the rules for backswing interference by the batter.

7-3-7 PEN: Added the appropriate penalty for backswing interference.

Courtesy Runner: Clarified how a courtesy runner is used in a specific scenario.


Points of Emphasis

  1. Helmet maintenance and usage
  2. Pitching substitution/change
  3. Sportsmanship – Celebrations around or near home plate
  4. Sportsmanship – Post-game ejections