Basketball Comments on the Rules - 2016-17

By NFHS on June 07, 2016 basketball

NEW SECTION (1-20): Clarifies the location of non-playing personnel along the end line. The addition of this new section makes it clear that non-playing personnel shall not be located within the area of the free throw lane lines extended. Non-playing personnel shall be located outside the free throw lane lines extended.

REPLACING DISQUALIFIED OR INJURED PLAYER, OR FOR A PLAYER DIRECTED TO LEAVE THE GAME (2.12.5): This rule changes the time allowed for replacing a player who has been disqualified, injured or directed to leave the game from 20-seconds to 15 seconds.

UNDERSHIRTS (3.5.6): This rule change now allows for undershirts to have a logo. The change now allows ALL extra apparel that is worn to have one logo (3.6).

RULE ARTICLE DELETED (3.5.7): Article 7 of Rule 3 Section 5 has been deleted. It is no longer needed and will simplify the enforcement of rules regarding team member’s apparel for officials and coaches.


(3.5.3 – NOTE): The committee expanded the definition of a brace for clarification purposes.

(9.1.3a): Deleted “or backboard”

NEW ARTICLE (9.1.3h): Players occupying marked free throw lane line spaces may not enter the free throw semicircle until the ball touches the ring or until the free throw ends.

FREE-THROW PROVISIONS: (9.1 PENALTIES 4b): Addition of “behind the free throw line extended and/or the three-point line,” to the present penalty statement.

BENCH TECHNICAL (10.5.3): Added the use of e-cigarettes.