Basketball Comments on the rules - 2019-20

By NFHS on June 13, 2019 basketball Print

Contrasting Number (3-4-3e,2):  (Effective 2024-25)

The color of the number cannot be the same color as the body of the jersey, though bordered by a contrasting color, because it is difficult to see. Two other options for the style of the number remain as indicated in the rules book.

Headband Clarification (3-5-4b):  Headbands may be no more than 3 inches wide. This rule change is consistent with the width of the headband allowed in volleyball.  A headband is worn around the head or the crown of the head.  The headband must be circular without extensions.  The headband is subject to color restrictions

Hair Control Devices (3-5-4d):  Hair control devices are not subject to color restrictions.  A hair control device is worn around the hair.

Team Member’s Equipment (3-5-5):  Added Note:  This note provides states an opportunity to ease the rule on wearing the shorts as intended as long as there is not a conflict with Rule 3-4-5, the drawstring or other parts do not cause harm to the wearer or others and the shorts are worn in a manner that parts of the anatomy are not objectionably exposed.  Rolling or folding the shorts at the natural waistband may be allowed.

Mouth Protector (NEW 3-5-6):  This rule provides a safety option for players with specifics for coverage of the device.  State association may deem a tooth and mouth protector mandatory.

Backcourt (9-9-1):  The rewording of this Exception is provided to give more clarity to the exception already in the book.  The Exception defines who is able to recover the ball when it goes from the front court to the backcourt based on who last touched the ball in the front court.

Bench Technical (10-5-5 Note):  This addition to the rule permits assistant coaches to enter the court to assist in controlling a fight that has broken out or is about to break out.  This change does not preclude the responsibility for bench control.  The head coach must preplan what assistant coaches must do in such a situation.  An assistant coach must be designated to remain at the bench to maintain control of bench personnel.

Signal Chart – change in execution of signal #3:  The held ball signal must be executed by first stopping the clock for a violation with signal #2 prior to the use of the held ball signal