Boys Lacrosse Comments on the Rules - 2019

By NFHS on November 28, 2018 lacrosse-boys Print

1-6-2 — Clarifies the crosse measurements are to be made on the front face of the head.

1-7-1 — Eliminates stringing techniques that could create an unfair advantage.

1-9-1j — Adds a piece of safety equipment to protect against commotio cordis in goalkeepers.

4-5-9 — Defines that a shot can only be taken from parallel to or in front of the goal.

4-8-2 — Clarifies the conditions under which a goal will be allowed when a shot is released just before the end of a period.

4-14-3 — Clarifies the position of the ball for over and back turnovers.

5-4-4h (NEW) — Defines the penalty for "targeting."

5-10e — Defines penalties for a coach obstructing play.

5-12-1 — Penalizes a coach for an ejectable penalty without penalizing the players.

6-3-2 — Clarifies legal and illegal holds to an opponent.

6-5-2b — Prevents a potentially dangerous play that could result in a shot released toward an unsuspecting and unprepared goalkeeper.

7-8-2, 7-8-3 — Clarifies the current slow whistle rule.