Girls Lacrosse Rules Changes - 2019

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2-7-3: Requires all headgear to be worn properly and securely affixed with the chinstrap in place as intended for use.

Rationale: Ensures appropriate wearing of headgear, minimizing the risk of injury.   

2-9-2: Adds the option of white bottoms by the goalkeeper.

Rationale: Aligns the goalkeeper’s uniform with the undergarment color options.

3-7-2d: Requires the horn to sound twice to indicate a time-out.

Rationale: Differentiates between the horn for time out and other horns.

4-8-1, 4-8-2 NEW, 4-8-3c: Establishes the release of the ball from the crosse before time expires as a legal shot.

Rationale: Eases the determination of a legal shot when time is expiring.

5-1-1; 5-1-3; 5-2 PENALTIES; 5-4-1 thru 4 NEW; 6-3-1a, c; 6-3-2a; 9-1-1c(3); 13 NEW: Establishes the specific allowances for restarting play with a self-start.

Rationale: Decreases the amount of official involvement in restarting play and allows for greater flow of the game.

5-4-3b: Establishes alternate possession in the critical scoring area is awarded at the closest dot.

Rationale: Simplifies the administration of alternate possession in the critical scoring area.

7 PENALTIES 1: Moves the administration of goal circle fouls to the dot.

Rationale: Eases administration of goal circle fouls and minimizes the risk of injury.

10-1-1 PENALTIES 3c, e; 13 NEW: Establishes a penalty zone that must be cleared when a major foul by a defensive player occurs in the 8-meter arc.

Rationale: Increasing safety around 8-meter free position.           

10-1-1 PENALTIES 3 NOTE: Establishes specific allowance to the placement of defensive players ball-side on the adjacent hash for an 8-meter free position.

Rationale: Increases the flow of the game by eliminating delays while players compete for the inside position.

12-8-1 EJECTION PENALTIES 3: Establishes that an ejected player receiving a red card may be prohibited from attending the next game per state association administration if in attendance at the next game

Rationale: Clarifies state administrative options for ejections.


2019 Girls Lacrosse Editorial Changes

2-4-3c; 2-6-1; 3-5-1; 4-6-1; 5-2-3b; 5-2-5; 5-2-5e; 5-2-5 PENALTY; 11; 12-8-1; 13 DEFINITION OF TERMS – EJECTED PLAYER, RUNNING CLOCK; Appendix B-8; Appendix B 19-20; Appendix B-20; Appendix B-21


2019 Girls Lacrosse Points of Emphasis

1. Obstruction of Free Space to Goal – Opportunity to Shoot

2. Rough and Dangerous Play

3. Empty Stick Check – Intentional vs. Incidental Contact