Ice Hockey Rules Changes - 2020-21

By NFHS on May 21, 2020 ice hockey Print

3-2 Change: …PENALTY: First offense, warning. Returning to game without correcting equipment, GAME MISCONDUCT.
Rationale: The rule is clear that skates can potentially be dangerous. If skates are deemed dangerous per the rule language, a game misconduct penalty is warranted and strengthens the emphasis on the health and safety of the participants.

3-4-2 Change: ART. 2… …Recommended equipment includes a throat/neck laceration protector.
Rationale: Clarifies the purpose of the recommended equipment for players.

7-6-1 Change: ART. 1…No player shall make contact from any direction with an opposing player’s head or neck area. In any manner, including, but not limited to, with the shoulder, stick, elbow, hand, etc.
Rationale: Hand contact, particularly a closed hand, is often classified as unnecessary roughness (minor penalty). This change would give officials a major penalty option for a single punch to the head area that they deem not to be considered as fighting (DQ).  

7-13-3 Change: ART. 3…No player shall kick, throw, hold or knock an opponent's stick, glove, tooth and mouth protector or any other piece of equipment for the purpose of keeping it from the possession of an opponent.
Rationale: Gloves and tooth and mouth protectors (mouthguards) are two common pieces of equipment found on the ice during play, unfortunately. This change clarifies that these pieces of equipment are a part of this rule.

9-13 Change: By state association adoption, state association-authorized video replay may be used in games for reviewing goals and undetected goals, and for determining correct time on the clock, and to review infractions that may affect the ejection of a student-athlete. Procedures for video replay shall be determined by state association policy and procedures.
Rationale: More and more venues have the technology available to accomplish this proposed rule change. As a state adoption, states have a choice to implement this addition.