Volleyball Comments on the Rules - 2020-21

By NFHS on April 17, 2020 Volleyball Print

     4-1-4 (NEW) — Adds rules language to support players protecting facial injuries by allowing the wearing of protective face masks. The face mask shall be made of a hard material and molded to the face. This change creates consistency with other NFHS rules codes.


     7-1-1, 7-1-1 PENALTIES, 7-1-1 PENALTIES 2 (NEW), 9-9-1a (NEW), 10-3-7b — The 2019-20 rules change requiring coaches to submit rosters during the pre-match conference created an unintended consequence that potentially double penalized teams if they were both late with the submission of their roster and had to make a change with under 10 minutes remaining on the pregame clock. The elimination of the loss of rally/point penalty and the addition of the unnecessary delay penalty for failure to submit the team roster during the pre-match conference creates an appropriate penalty progression for roster violations.


     7-1-4a(1), 7-1-4a(2) (NEW) — Establishes a way to correct a clerical error made on the lineup when the libero number is misprinted. This change creates consistency by allowing the correction of a clerical error (listing a number that no team member is wearing) on the lineup for a starting position and the libero position.


     12-2-6 — In response to overwhelming support from both coaches and officials to eliminate the requirement for a coach to stay seated for the remainder of the match if a yellow card is issued for unsporting conduct to the head coach, assistant coach(es) or team bench, the requirement has been eliminated. When a red unsporting conduct card is issued to the head coach, assistant coaches or team bench, the head coach will be required to remain seated for the remainder of the match. This change creates a penalty progression by allowing an official to warn a head coach with a yellow unsporting conduct card without requiring the coach to remain seated for the remainder of the match.


     Official Signal 15 — In order to align official mechanics with the current trends of the sport, a change is made to the Substitution signal. This change establishes that an official will rotate his/her forearms around each other with closed hands to signal substitution.