Coaches Coverages 2017-18

General Liability Insurance

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Carrier: Everest National Insurance Company
General Aggregate Limit: $5,000,000
Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit $5,000,000
Each Occurrence Limit: $2,000,000
Personal and Advertising Injury Limit: $2,000,000
Damage to Premises Rented to You: $300,000
Premises Medical Payments: $5,000
Sexual Abuse & Molestation – Each Occurrence: $1,000,000
Sexual Abuse & Molestation – Aggregate: $2,000,000
Participant Legal Liability: $2,000,000
Crisis Response - Each Event/Aggregate $25,000
Employee Benefit Liability/Each Claim $1,000,000
Employee Benefit Liability/Deductible $1,000
Employee Benefit Liability Aggregate $3,000,000
Terrorism Included
Deductible $0

Accident Insurance

Carrier: United States Fire Insurance Company
Accident Medical Expense Benefit
Maximum Benefit: $50,000
Deductible: $250
Heart & Circulatory Maximum Benefit: 10%
Physical Therapy/Chiropractic – per Visit: $50
Physical Therapy/Chiropractic – Maximum per Injury: $2,000
Durable Medical Equipment – Maximum per Injury: $1,000
Outpatient Prescriptions – Maximums per Injury: $1,000
Dental Maximum Limit: $2,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit: Included in Medical Max

Umbrela Liability Insurance

Carrier: National Casualty Company
Policy Limit: $1,000,000
Eligibility: Accredited Interschoolastic Coach (AIC) certification

Covered Activities

Insured persons are covered during:

  • Coaching or instructing of organized sport or activity programs or coaching individuals on your team.
  • Strength and conditioning coaches, only if the coach is employed by a member school of a state high school association and athletes must be students at the school and participate in a sport that is recognized by the state high school association
  • Coverage is extended to youth, recreational and college coaching, however, the sport must be recognized by the state high school association
  • Spirit Coaches covered only while participating in activities sponsored and approved by the school which employs or contracts with the coach
  • Premises owned, leased or borrowed by the policyholder
  • Travel scheduled, sponsored or supervised by the policyholder
Claim, Certificate of Insurance and Detailed Coverage Information Contact:

Dissinger Reed, 8700 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 320, Overland Park, KS 66210

Phone: 800-386-9183 or 913-491-6385

Fax: 913-491-0527