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Most NFL Quarterbacks were Multi-sport High School Athletes

By NFHS on February 11, 2015 blog Print

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For many high school student-athletes – and their parents – the path to a college scholarship is believed to be found through single-sport specialization. The theory is that year-round focus on one sport improves an athlete's skills and exposure to college coaches and recruiters.

However, in addition to building different skill sets and avoiding burnout, the multi-sport athlete is still highly coveted by most college coaches. The following tweet went viral last month showing a white board with the number of multi-sport recruits Urban Meyer had brought to Ohio State University. It underscores that idea that multi-sport athletes are more desirable.


Further, a recent ESPN survey of 128 NFL quarterbacks (73 active and 55 retired) found that 122 had been multi-sport athletes in high school. Nearly 70 percent had played three or more sports.