Comments on the Spirit Rules - 2019-20

By NFHS on August 24, 2021 Print

Rules 2-1-7c and 3-2-1: When passing props from the top person away from the stunt, a base must not hold props that are made of hard material or have sharp corners or edges. A top person may hand signs to a non-stunting person on the ground or to a non-required spotter.

Rule 3-3-5: When performing braced flips in a pyramid, the top person's hands/arms must be in continuous contact with a bracer.  In the cases of a single bracer, there must be a hand/arm connection between both hands/arms of the top person and the bracer.

Rule 3-3-5d: Bracers must be in a multi-base prep with a spotter.

Rule 3-5-4: Switch-ups are permitted as long as they are caught by the original bases.