Spirit Rules Changes - 2020

By NFHS on April 29, 2020 spirit Print


National Federation of State High School Associations



Rule 1               Deleted the definition of a basket toss.  Revised definition of dismount, foldover, prep and switch up.

3-2-1c               Restricts bases holding objects when supporting an extended stunt.

3-3-5                 Allows the top person to make a ¼ turn around the bracer.

3-3-5a               Clarifies the connection between a single bracer and a top person during flip inversions.

3-3-5g               Allows the top person to perform no more than one complete twist during a braced flip.

3-3-6a               Restricts the release of inverted skills to the original bases.

3-3-6a3             Allows an inversion to be released to a stunt with no more than ¼ turn.

3-3-6c2,4-3-6c  Allows contact to be maintained between one base or spotter and the top person during an inversion that begins at or passes through prep level.  Revised language for the foldover exception.

3-5-5                 Re-ordered for clarity.

3-5-5c1             Allows for an exception for hand to foot contact in braced releases to a cradle.

3-5-5c2             Editorial change.

3-5-5c3             Allows top person in a horizontal or cradle position to be released to a loading position or stunt at any level with no more than a ¼ turn.

3-5-5d               Restricts the movement of bracers.

3-7-5, 4-7-5      List of exceptions was modified.

3-7-9                 Redundant rule deleted.

3-8-9, 4-8-9      Restricts contact during airborne tumbling skills with hip over head rotation.

3-9-4, 4-9-4      Deleted handspring from the rule.



2.1.7 Situation B, (NEW) 2.1.7. Situation C, 3.1.1 Situation A, (NEW) 3.2.1 Situation B, 3.2.5 Situation C, 3.2.7 Situation B, 3.3.4 Situation A, 3.3.5 Situation B, 3.3.6 Situation C, 3.3.6 Situation D, 3.3.6 Situation F, (NEW) 3.3.6 Situation G, (NEW) 3.3.6 Situation K, 3.5.4 Situation, 3.5.5 Situation B, (NEW) 3.5.5 Situation E, (NEW) 3.8.2 Situation B, 4.3.6 Situation D, 4.3.6 Situation E



  1. Performance Surfaces and Areas
  1. Concussion Awareness in Practice
  1. Professional Development