Volleyball Rules Changes - 2015

By NFHS on March 24, 2015 volleyball Print

7-1- New 5, 6: Allows team to correct a lineup error by way of a legal substitution when a number is listed that no player is wearing and if a number is listed twice. The team must still submit and accurate roster.

Rationale: Maintains consistency within the rules by allowing a substitution to correct a lineup issue that otherwise does not affect the match.


9-9-1, 4-2-2, 5-4-3c(20), 5-5-3b(21), 5-6-3(h), 10-2-7 Penalties, 10-3 Penalties, 10-4 Penalties, 11-2 Penalties, 12-2-6 NOTE 2: The penalty system for an unnecessary delay now consists of an administrative yellow card warning for the first delay and an administrative red card for subsequent delay(s) in the same set, resulting in a loss of rally point.  Repeated unnecessary delay violations in multiple sets may be considered and penalized as unsporting conduct.  All rules with the unnecessary delay penalty and administrative requirements are adjusted to the new system. The unnecessary delay signal (#22) is replaced with a new signal. 

Rationale: The penalty of a loss of time-out or loss of rally point for the first unnecessary delay is significantly more severe than the violation. Issuing a single team warning (administrative yellow card) during a set before issuing a penalty of loss of rally/point for a subsequent delay is more appropriate.


10-2-5, 10-2-6c: Substitutions occurring during a time-out shall now enter the set at the end of the time-out and follow normal exchange procedures. 

Rationale: Improves the communication between the second and first referees, coaches and fans when a substitution occurs at a time-out.


11-5-New 1, 2: Provides that a two minute intermission may be used between sets two and three in addition to the regular three minute interval for a total of five minutes. 

Rationale: Provides consistency and guidelines for schools conducting promotional or special recognition activities between sets.



4-2-1g: Clarifies that an American flag, with a size restriction, may be placed on the uniform and a commemorative or memorial patch requires state association approval before placed on the uniform.




1-2-3a, 5-5-3b7, 12-2-7, 8 PENALTIES




  1. Unnecessary Delay and the Use of Administrative Cards
  2. Solid Colored Uniform Top Review
  3. Resuming Play After Intermission
  4. Preventive Officiating
  5. Annual Review of Equipment and Facilities