Water Polo Rules Changes - 2016

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4-10-3: Clarifies that an American flag, with a size restriction, may be placed on the uniform, and a commemorative or memorial patch requires state association approval before being place on the uniform.

Rationale: Improves clarity of application of the rule and consistency in language of same rule in all NFHS rules books.

6-6: Outlines the procedure the referee is to follow by contacting the host management to resolve a situation when a spectator becomes unruly and prevents the orderly progress of the game.

Rationale: Remove unnecessary language and clearly state within the rule that the host school management/administration has the responsibility to handle disruptive spectators and this is not a task for the individual referee.

2016 Major Editorial Changes

1-3: Defines the field of play as the area between the end (boundary) lines and the sidelines.

Rationale: More clearly defines the field of play.

4 & 5: Combines previous Rules 4 and 5 into one rule addressing player uniform and equipment.

Rationale: Rules 4 and 5 are both dealing with player uniform and equipment and should be included under one rule rather than an unnecessary second rule.

4-11-1: Recommends head coaches attend pregame meeting with referees and this may be required by state association policy.

Rationale: State associations may require attendance by the head coaches at the pregame meeting.

6-12a: Clarifies by state association action, the water polo rules may be modified.

Rationale: Clarifies schools shall meet the responsibility of following the rules, including any state association modification(s).

8-3b: Specifies how to record the time of a goal scored when ball is in flight and crosses the goal line when time expires.

Rationale: Clarifies how a goal is recorded when time runs out.

2016 Editorial Changes

The Rules book had numerous edits throughout for clarity and removal of unnecessary language