Water Polo Rules Changes - 2017-18

By NFHS on November 01, 2017 water polo Print

3-3-1: (Ball Size)  In both articles, the current ball size recommendations are outdated for both the boys and girls game and were removed from the rule book.            

4-4-1, 4-4-2, 4-10-2: (Uniforms) Consistent language has been established for all NFHS sports that described what information is permitted on the uniform.  A competitor’s name, school name, school nickname, and/or the school logo can be placed on the uniform, which consists of the suit and the water polo cap.

11-8 (NEW): (Interval Time) Language was added to clearly define interval time. 

Rules Book: The rules book is being recodified to eliminate redundancy and to provide clarity and consistency with other NFHS rules books.


Major Editorial Changes

NOTE: The NFHS Water Polo Rules are promulgated by the Water Polo Rules committee on an annual basis.  Consideration of rules proposals is based on merit of the proposal, and which may not necessarily be aligned with other rules codes. 

Points of Emphasis

  1. Managing Decorum
  2. Water Polo Move
  3. Collaboration Between Referees