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Terry Michler: National Boys Soccer Coach of the Year (2018-19)

By Hannah Wishart on January 24, 2020 coaches Print

The NFHS is proud to name Terry Michler of Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis, Missouri as the 2018-19 Boys Soccer Coach of the Year!

While Coach Michler values winning, he knows that the athletic experience is about creating a well-rounded person, not just an athlete. He believes in the value of hard work and knows the payoff it can bring. Christian Brothers College High School should be proud of Coach Michler! He has been named the NFHS 2018-19 NATIONAL Boys Soccer Coach of the Year! 

SchoolChristian Brothers College High School

Seasons Coaching: 48 | State Championships: 9

Coaching Highlights: National Coach Of The Year: NSCAA (1985), Studentsportssoccer.com (2004), NFHS (2010), NHSCA (2015), All-USA Today (2018), Top Drawer (2018)

Philosophy of Athletics

Coach Michler believes that athletics provide a wonderful opportunity for carry-over values. There are many life lessons to be gained through athletic participation. Time management, stress control, team building, self-esteem, success and failure, overcoming obstacles and hardships, goal setting, fitness and weight control, respect of others, abide by rules, sportsmanship are some of the values that sports offers any participant. He has been coaching for 49 years and he is glad that he chose this profession. It is so rewarding to see young people work hard to achieve goals and the realization that with ability, effort, togetherness, sweat, and luck - anything is possible if you are willing to engage.

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