2021 NFHS National Student Leadership Summit



The NFHS is excited to announce the sixth year of its student leadership initiative, the National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS). The NSLS will focus on relevant and contemporary issues. Students will hone their leadership skills and realize the privilege and power of their influence in their school, community and state.

By utilizing a “train the trainer” concept, the student and adult ambassadors will be developing skills that will better prepare them to effectively lead/mentor their peers at school and be of service to their state association. By targeting specific topics, each student ambassador will learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with teammates, coaches/adult leaders and officials. They will learn conflict resolution techniques and how to be better communicators with their peers and adults. Another topic that has gained in importance and popularity is “brain mapping.” Our experts will systematically teach and model intentional and functional goal-setting techniques for today’s high school student leaders. The student ambassador will identify and develop their action plan to achieve the goals that they specify that are important to them. They will take the information that they learn and replicate the process back home with their teammates and fellow students. Our young leaders will also learn the value of perspective and inclusion. Lastly, the students will participate in an exciting engagement with the local Indiana Special Olympic athletes for joint competition and shared athletic experiences. Experts will discuss these issues in a lecture/ interactive format in small group breakout group sessions.

The cost of the Student Leadership Summit for the student ambassadors is free. The students have to provide their transportation to and from the Summit. The hotel room, materials, meals, local programming and local transportation will be provided by the NFHS. The adult ambassadors will have to provide their own transportation to Indianapolis and their hotel room; however, Summit materials, meals, local programming and local transportation will be provided by the NFHS.

Contact your state high school association regarding the process for sending your students to the NFHS National Student Leadership Summit.


State Association Timeline and Promotion PDF